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Don’t Say “I Do” Without a Great Hair Do “For You”!


As a bride you want to feel more beautiful than ever on your special day. Is your wedding formal or casual? Are you wearing a veil or no veil? Do you have long hair or short hair? Do you want an updo or plan to leave it down? As you can see finding the perfect hair style is challenging yet so important. However, you don’t have to do it alone.

Get help, there are many talented companies that specialize in bridal hairstyles. They are experts at tackling even your most complex styles and turning them into reality. As a result of their experience they can also suggest what hairstyles they feel would look best with your specific face structure, and gown style. They can incorporate accessories of any kind and even fix those last minute issues that may arise. If you are looking for a different style/look for every event they can create that too.

Here are some tips to achieving the most beautiful hairstyle for your most special day.

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Research companies and read reviews
  3. Schedule a trial
  4. Get a second opinion of the look from someone close to you
  5. Be True to the Real You

Take this quiz to see what your perfect bridal hairstyle would be :http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/wedding-quiz/quizzes/whats-your-bridal-hairstyle.aspx

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Blog Inspiration From: The Knot

Thank You Notes 101


With so much happening at your wedding it might be difficult to personally thank each guest for attending your special day. Personal thank you notes are a wonderful way to express to your guests how much you appreciated their presence. The notes can be hand-written in cases in which the addressee is a friend, acquaintance or relative. Remember, it’s always nice to receive something in the mail rather than through social media.

Prepare by purchasing some beautiful wedding stationary and pens that you like to write with. There are so many wonderful options so be selective. Many brides order cards that match their wedding invitations.

To begin writing your thank you notes set up your chosen writing area in your home. Make sure it’s comfy and located in a quiet scenic area if possible. Start off by writing a couple drafts and have one prepared before you write on the actual cards.

 Now here are some tips to writing the perfect thank you note!

  • Record the guest name and type of gift as soon as you receive it
  • Make sure to cross out names on the list once you’ve written the note
  • Don’t attempt to write all notes in one sitting
  • Choose ball point pens, they write smoother
  • Ensure you have enough postage stamps

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Inspiration from The Knot.

You say “I do” vendors say “we do”

Believe it or not vendors play a very important part in your event. A vendor is a person or company offering something for sale, most importantly services. Some examples of these services include providing:

  • Photography
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Design
  • Rentals

Vendors provide you with that added relief on your special day. It is important to have a vendor you can trust so you aren’t distracted and worrying about all the details. The good vendors are always on time, schedule several meetings prior to the wedding, communicate well, and don’t call at odd hours. Now you may be wondering how to find these!

 To ensure you have the right vendors for your special day follow the following steps:

  1. Hire a wedding planner/consultant-they are in the business to know great vendors
  2. Make a list of vendors you need
  3. Request vendor recommendations
  4. Visit vendor websites/blogs like Wedding Wire and The Knot
  5. Meet and make sure you feel comfortable with the vendors before contracting
  6. Don’t wait until the last minute to find them -the good vendors most likely will be booked and your selection becomes limited.

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5 Steps to Being a Healthy Bride

As the perfect day gets closer some brides forget to take care of themselves due to all of tasks on their to do list. The worst that could happen is to be sick on your wedding day. Even though you both vow to love each other in sickness and in health, who actually wants to be sick on their special day? Follow these 5 simple steps below to prevent being becoming ill.

1.       Sleep

Weeks leading up to your event you may be keeping yourself up late to finish some last minute things like the seating chart. Suffering from lack of sleep can put a damper on your immune system causing you to get sick faster. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try to de-stress before bed. Research shows if you shut off your electronics 30 minutes before bed you will sleep better.

2.       Eat

Skipping meals may seem like a good idea at the time but in the long run it can negatively affect you like slowing you down. Make sure to consume a diet with lots of protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Always have a healthy alternative close by incase you are in need of a quick snack.

3.       Practice Good Hygiene

A big part of the wedding planning process is meeting with lots of people. You must remember to wash your hands always. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible. Many infections are spread from person to person; you don’t want a runny nose on your big day. Even though you may be exhausted don’t slack on your personal hygiene.

4.       Take Vitamins

Vitamins may seem bothersome at the time but they are actually beneficial in the long run. Even if you eat healthy they can give your body an extra little boost. Stick them somewhere in your house so you will remember to take them. The hassle of taking one little vitamin is a lot easier than suffering from an illness.

5.       Get Rid of Stress

Stress can cause havoc on your immune system and so much more. Studies have shown that stress promotes the release of a hormone that can prevent the immune system from working properly. Don’t let stress get caught up with you, remember to sit back and enjoy your engagement and your wedding day as much as possible. Treat yourself to a massage or pedicure to help you release some of that stress.

Article from: The Knot

Summer Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Do provide heat relief. If you’re not going to provide air conditioning make sure your guests have a place to escape to or cool off with during the ceremony and reception.

Don’t leave out save-the-dates. Summer can often be even busier than the school year. Families are planning vacations and kids are going off to camp. Make sure to send your save-the-date cards enough in advance to allow guests to make enough time.

Do serve lighter meal options. Having heavier food in the scorching heat doesn’t mix well. Try offering guests a lot of refreshing fruit and vegetables. Frozen cocktails and even popsicles can work to cool off guests.

Don’t time your outdoor wedding to begin midday. Make sure not to plan your wedding at the peak of the sun. If your guests get overheated at the ceremony they aren’t going to be in the mood to party later. Shoot for a late afternoon early evening start time.

Do consider stay-cool attire. The brides should choose a silk like fabric for her dress, it needs to be breathable. All brides want to feel like a million bucks on their special day not a sticky mess, maybe even plan on having another dress for the reception so you are fresh. For the groom, he should stick to a linen suit and for a beach wedding just a button down and khakis work.

Don’t overlook sun and bug protection. Everyone should apply sunscreen before the event, no one wants to get sunburnt or eaten by mosquitos. Maybe provide the guests with sunblock and bug repellent wipes for their added comfort.

Do stay hydrated. While carrying on and partying, one may not remember to drink water and stay hydrated. Ensure guests have many places to get water so they cannot forget. This is essential, no one wants a dehydrated and unhappy guest.

Source: The Knot

Planning a wedding… Stressful?

(From L-R) Brittany Elliis, Ryan Raiche, Leah Kedzuf
Brittany had an interview on “stressful jobs” with ABC Action News this week.

The profession of a wedding/event planner is ranked one of the top four most stressful jobs in the world. The period leading up to wedding and the dynamics of the merging of two families, make a time of great anxiety for the bride and groom. The combination of all this can be extremely overwhelming for all involved.

Needless to say, the benefits of hiring a wedding planner are many.  They make the entire process more enjoyable and give you the confidence in knowing all your details will be taken care of on your perfect day. They will definitely save you time and in most cases can save you money as you will benefit from their vast industry relationships. If staying within a certain budget is important to you, the event planner will work with you to make sure that your wedding plans align within your established budget.

Great wedding planners are experts at ensuring your vision for your perfect wedding day is how you imagined it. The job is simple, they plan so that your focus can be on your “I do’s” .

Need a wedding planner?

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Pleasing your Bridal Party:

 Becoming a bride does not mean you must only please your new groom, you must please your maids as well! There are many decisions to make before choosing your bridal party, during their reign and after everything is said and done!

Choosing Your Bridal Party:

One of the hardest decisions a bride can make is narrowing down her list of friends and family.  The first question a bride asks is: who is going to be my maid of honor? However, most brides don’t think of an alternative question: how MANY maids of honor can I have? The answer is up to you! It is becoming more and more common that there are two maids of honor. If you have two best friends, two sisters, or a sister and a best friend, you can give both girls the title and divvy up the tasks (this also helps if you have a fear of becoming a bridezilla because the stress won’t be placed on one single girl!). The next question then is: how many bridesmaids should I have? The answer, again, is up to you. However, keep in mind that a large bridal party can be overwhelming in pictures and the bride tends to be overlooked. Also, when deciding who you are going to have, write down the names of the girls that pop in your head first, these are usually the girls that your heart is telling you to pick! Lastly, when deciding the number of girls you are going to have in your party, consult with your fiancé to ensure that your numbers match.

During Their Reign:

You may think that once you’ve chosen your bridal party the stress is over, however, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind!

The first thing to keep in mind is budget. Most of your bridesmaids will never wear their dress again, so establish an agreeable price on the dress (and if there is a dress that you love and it is out of their range, offer to pay the difference). When picking out shoes, choose shoes that are affordable, comfortable and that can be worn again. Most brides forget about bridal party jewelry! Either allow your maids to buy their own jewelry (as long as they coordinate with one another) or buy each girl her jewelry as a thank you gift. When it comes to hair and make-up most brides want their bridal party consistent and if your maids can only afford to pay for one of these services, you could pay for the cheaper service (usually their hair).

The second thing to keep in mind is time. Remember, although your life is revolving around your wedding, that doesn’t mean your maids’ lives are as well! Make sure you do not overwhelm them with demands and tasks and set aside certain days of week or month to get wedding tasks done.

After Everything is Said and Done:

Once the day is over show some extra appreciation to your girls and treat them to a post-wedding dinner. At dinner you could give each girl a thank you card, a scrapbook with pictures and mementos from start to finish, and of course a nice glass of wine!

The Importance of a Great DJ

At any event, the entertainment will make a lasting impression on guests and is one of the most significant parts of any party. DJs otherwise known as disc jockeys are more important than ever! DJs create a fun and lively atmosphere. A phenomenal DJ can take the energy in the room and intensify it vastly. Someone that understands the psychology of people can really make a big impact. Knowing what songs to play and when to play those songs is key. Usually, the DJ will also be your Emcee at weddings, so it is important to hire someone that is able to read your crowd. A wedding crowd is made up of all ages, from grandparents, aunts, and uncles, to cousins and small children. The DJ/Emcee needs to appeal to all personalities in order to add to the magic of a wonderful wedding reception. Most of all, the DJ needs to be professional, well-spoken and can think quickly on their feet. Throughout the wedding, many announcements need to be made. At the very minimum, the DJ/Emcee will announce the following:

  • Grand Entrance
  • First Dance
  • Wedding Toasts
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss

Above all, the “Master of Ceremonies” is dedicated to crowd motivation and coordinating. In essence, the entertainment can make a remarkable experience for you and your guests.

On the corporate side of events, we recently planned a successful awards gala at the Hilton Downtown Tampa. Bright House Networks teamed with local Chambers of Commerce in the Tampa business community to host the first annual Regional Business Awards. Emcees Rusty Kath and Erica Riggins together with DJ Fresh (Tampa Bay Rays) were absolutely extraordinary. Rusty has also hosted Tampa Bay Ray and Minnesota Wild games. His quick-witted personality and ability to reach the wide audience made him a favorite at the event.

Themed Weddings: The Many Different Ways


When thinking of a themed wedding, two things probably come to mind: holiday and Disney. While holiday and Disney themed weddings are common, they are many types of themes that you can have for your wedding! Themes can extend from color, to style, to movie inspired, to simply one word! In a sense, all weddings have a “theme” however, it is how the theme is executed and exaggerated that makes it completely unforgettable.

Holiday Themed Weddings:

With St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo approaching within the next couple of months, holiday themed weddings seem appropriate. A holiday themed wedding provides an uplifted and entertaining element. Also, having a wedding celebrating your favorite holiday makes it easier to find décor and perhaps even cheaper. Getting married on a holiday will also ensure that your special day is never forgotten! However, if you overdo your “holiday wedding” it may take away from your day, do not let the holiday outshine your wedding.

Color Themed Weddings:

A color themed wedding is one of the more common themes. You can select two to three colors and work around your palette. Remember, color does not limit you to just the colors of the rainbow! You can incorporate glitters, metallic and even patterns! There are just a few things to be aware of. First, you do not want to pick clashing colors, make sure your colors compliment each other, as well as your venuw. For example, you could use the same color, but in different shades. Second, you do not want to pick too many colors and then add a pattern to the mix! This can create a confusing and unappealing visual. Lastly, make sure you, your vendors, and your bridal party all know the right shade of the color.

Style Themed Weddings:

Style themed weddings are another common theme amongst brides. The style can be anything from a time period, to rustic, to glamour. Styled weddings create an imaginative and unique atmosphere. If you decide to go with an 80’s theme, your guests will feel like you are transporting them back in time and you will provide them with a truly extraordinary experience. Or if you decide to host an outdoors rustic wedding, you will be utilizing nature and provide a less formal setting for your guests (just don’t show up in a camo dress!). However, if you are a more glitzy type of bride you could consider a glamorous theme, which would provide your guests with a black tie event and an exceptional evening.

Movie Inspired Weddings:

We all have our favorite wedding scene from our favorite movie and say to ourselves “I wish I could do something like that.” Well, why can’t you?! Duplicating a scene from a wedding is more common than you may think and also, even easier! Since you have a complete visual of what you want, you will be able to envision your day to the last letter (trust me, your vendors will like this advantage as well)!

“Word” Themed Weddings:

This theme is a fairly new concept. It may seem like a vague idea but think of all the ideas that pop in you head when you hear the word love. You think red, pink, hearts, your favorite place to be, or your favorite song. You can put together a theme with all of these elements. Yes, if your going with a  “word theme” it may take some extra time to get your ideas out there, but once you get the ball rolling, you will find yourself encapsulated with ideas!

When you are picking your theme for your wedding, don’t limit your possibilities and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Start with a holiday, color, style, movie or word and let your imagination take over!

Keep Calm and Marry On!


Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in a bride’s life. Which is ironic because the wedding should be one of the happiest times of a bride’s life! Some brides find it hard to entrust this momentous day in the hands of a planner. But what most brides don’t know is that being a planner is much more than just “putting the day together”, your planner takes care of the “dirty work” and most importantly allows you to relax and enjoy every minute of the day.

Keep Calm

If you are newly engaged then you are probably reading this and saying “Planning my wedding isn’t that bad”. However, if you are 2 months away from your big day, you are probably reading this and trying not to pull your hair out! If you are on edge days, weeks, or even months prior to your wedding imagine how you will be on the day of. If you are frantic on your wedding day, more than likely EVERYONE at your wedding will be anxious as well!  Remaining calm throughout the process, and day, creates a positive environment for you, your bridal party, family, guests and planner. You would hate for everyone to arrive and feel tense the whole day!

Trust the Process

Every bride and groom has a different vision for their wedding. Although the visions may vary, the same principles apply to each wedding. Whether you are having a wedding for 120 people or 620 people, the wedding planning process has proven to create a beautiful and memorable wedding. Having a successful wedding involves trusting the process that your planner is following. Some brides see this step as taking a leap of faith, while others take this process and learn from it. It may be scary at first, but in the end you will be having the time of your life and you may even find yourself applying the process to many other life events!

We’ve got you Covered

As there are many different phases of planning, your planner has you covered from the beginning to the end. Whether it is an idea you would like executed, a problem to be solved, or if you are in need of some advice before walking down the aisle, you can rely on your planner. As planners, our jobs are to relieve our brides from any worries and to have your back. Think of your planner as your personal wedding superhero!

Wedding planning can be taxing but it doesn’t have to be. So don’t let the stress of planning your wedding take you down, keep clam and marry on!